Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sister necklace

The sister necklace I had in the clearance section is now sold. I wasn't in love with the look of that one and I really want to come up with something fun and meaningful. I have 5 sisters and we are all very close. Growing up we didn't always get along, but most of the time we were best friends.

When I got married 3 of my sisters were still in Elementary school, and the other 2 still lived at home. They would occasionally come and sleep over at our apartment and we'd always have a big party. My sisters are always there for me during the good times and the bad, and I'm grateful they're in my life.

Three of us live in Utah, and the other two live in Ohio so we don't have many opportunities for all of us to be together at the same time, but in March one of my sisters got married and we had a girls' night out the night before the wedding. We went to Cold Stone for ice cream and we chatted about what we were going to wear, and how we'd do our hair. We had such a great time together, I haven't laughed that much in a long time.

So this sister necklace is especially meaningful to me, I want it to really describe how sisters can be the best of friends.

The text on the first sister necklace was "Sisters by chance, friends by choice." I do still like this but I think I could come up with something better.

One of my ideas for the text on the new necklace is "A sister is a forever friend". Love it? Hate it? If you have any great suggestions let's hear them!


kristen said...

Aww, this is so cute! I would love to help you come up with a good idea for a necklace, however my creativity can't seem to extend that far. :) I'll let you know if I think of anything later though!

J+S said...

I usually only have cheezy ideas, but here goes: "Sisters are forever friends" or something about hearts and sisters like, "Sisters are friends of the heart" or "No better friend than a sister". How long can these be? As soon as I think of something clever for myself, I'd love to order a custom necklace! Cute shop.

Rosalynn said...

I had thought about "Sisters are forever friends", but I like your other ideas too, thanks!!

Rosalynn said...

Oh, and I think I will put this one on a 7/8 inch disk, so I can fit up to 30 letters, and spaces count too.