Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A change

The tiny tags necklace has been changed a bit. I wasn't happy with how the necklace looked hanging-- the tags covered each other up more than I thought they should. So this is the new design for the tiny tags necklace. A sterling silver bead helps to space each disc a little better. It comes with up to 3 discs, but I can do more, just contact me for prices on the number you need. The tiny tags necklace can be found in my shop.

I'm also considering changing my shipping rates. Right now it's $3 to ship one necklace because I include delivery confirmation and insurance. I could ship for $1.50 if I didn't include insurance though. Any opinions?


Bethany said...

Love your necklaces!
Definitely don't skimp when it comes to delivery confirmation and insurance. It protects both you and your buyer!