Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Maternity Skirt

I've had a hard time this pregnancy finding
cute maternity skirts
that don't cost a fortune.

It's been years since I last needed maternity clothing,
and I gave away most of what I had.
The leftovers were out of date
and nothing I really wanted to wear.

So a few weeks ago I decided
to look through my fabric stash
that hasn't been touched in quite a while.
As it turns out I had some cute fabric on hand,
so this project was easy and inexpensive!

(I think this skirt would really work for non-maternity too.)

I used this tutorial from See Mommy Sew for the basic idea.
photo from See Mommy Sew

The first part of this tutorial requires a pattern,
and I am not very gifted when it comes to following patterns.

So I grabbed a pre-pregnancy A-line skirt that I loved.
I measured my hips to make sure I could pull the skirt on
(the original skirt used a zipper so I definitely had to make it a bit bigger),
and I traced the basic shape of the original skirt onto my fabric
using half of my hip measurement for the top of the skirt
(the skirt was made of two pieces-- the front and the back).
I used a medium-weight fabric so I didn't have to line the skirt.

For the stretchy panel I actually decided to cut up some fitted t-shirts
that were in my "donation pile".
I just cut off the bottom half of the shirt.
I did have to add elastic to the top part,
but otherwise these skirts were SO easy!

OK, I know the panels don't exactly match, but I was using what I had.
And the panels are covered by a shirt anyway. :)
(And no, I didn't bother changing my thread either,
no one will ever see it when I'm wearing them...)

A super easy project!


Malinovka said...

What a great idea! Now I just want to see you modeling them. :)