Friday, January 8, 2010

Flickr Friday: St Anthony sand dunes

Are you all familiar with Flickr?
I love their tagline, "Share your photos, watch the world."
People from all over the world upload photos on flickr, for everyone to see.
And there are some amazing photos!

Last week we took a little trip to Idaho
for some quality time spent with family.

We had a wonderful time!
One day we headed to the sand dunes.
To sled of course!

I'd never been to the sand dunes in Idaho,
but they ended up being a perfect spot for sledding.
Here's what they look like when it's not so cold:

via here

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Christina said...

We used to live in Idaho (Boise area) but we have family in Idaho Falls and Rexburg...I just found it funny that you posted a photo of St Anthony sand dunes, we've been there. :)