Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday

So are all of you ready for Christmas?
This has been a marathon week,
but I think I'm almost finished.

Gift cards were a quick and easy gift
for many people on my list this year.
But I don't love the typical presentation.
I sent a few gift cards inside greeting cards,
but I really wanted a small box for them--
to make them look like an actual gift.

So I did a little browsing...

I am loving this gift card box from Heather Bailey!

You can download a pdf of the pattern for free right here!

And a couple other tutorials for small boxes worth checking out:

This gorgeous box will fit some handmade greeting cards
(a great last-minute gift!)

And try this tutorial to recycle some of those old Christmas cards.
This little box is perfect for candy, jewelry,
or other small trinkets,
though it was too small to fit a typical sized gift card.
(I used someone's suggestion to
cut 1/4" off of the end of the bottom piece
to make sure the lid was slightly larger for a better fit,
and that worked great.)

PS My shop will be closed from December 25th - January 4th so if you need something by the beginning of January be sure to order this week.
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!


Jenny Sue Jewelry said...

great links! love the ideas. these tutorials will come in handy year round.

Kim @ Everything Etsy said...

Oh, I love everything Heather Bailey. Sometimes I feel like a stalker on her website. :)

You have such beautiful stamped jewelry!

Merry Christmas!