Saturday, December 5, 2009

Flickr Friday

Are you all familiar with Flickr?
I love their tagline, "Share your photos, watch the world."
People from all over the world upload photos on flickr, for everyone to see.
And there are some amazing photos!

Tonight we visited
a living nativity.
The show was wonderful,
and really put me
in the Christmas spirit.

But I think my kids' favorite part
was after the show.
We were able to go outside
and see live animals.
A llama got loose
and was running all over the place.
The kids thought it was hilarious.

They were able to catch it
fairly quickly,
but it really added
to the excitement of the night!

via here

Do you have a flickr photo to share?
Leave a comment with the link to your photo or post!

P.S. We've now passed the deadline for Christmas delivery from my shop. While I can't absolutely guarantee that your order will arrive before Christmas, there's still a great chance right now that it will arrive in plenty of time.


the monkey's mama said...

I just purchased a necklace for my mother-in-law! I'm SOOO excited!

PS Yes, I have a flickr account but I think most of my images are private...and boring family photos, anyway. :-p Definitely not nearly as fun as an escaped llama photo!

Katie Davis said...

I was wondering if you sell initial charms separately? I have a silver chain I use but I want 2 initial charms and a pearl to go on it. Is that a possibility? My email is Thank you!