Thursday, August 20, 2009

Want those new school clothes to last longer?

It's back to school time for us. I love buying new clothes for my kids to wear to school, but I don't love it when they fall apart! So here are some tips on making those clothes last longer:

1. Watch fabric content! 100% cotton will shrink, fade, and wear out more quickly. Look for a blend with at least 35% polyester.

2. Sew an X at the top of pleats on a pleated skirt. This will keep pleats from unraveling and they'll hold together a lot longer.

3. Sew interfacing or a patch into the knees of pants before the knees start to wear out. They'll last a lot longer!

4. Once your kids' jeans start fraying at the cuffs apply some Fray Check to the frayed hem. It will hold together much longer!

*Tips found on Good Things Utah. For more info click here.


Christa said...

I really like the Fray Check tip. My kids tend to not wear out the knees of their pants, but they do shred the bottoms. I'm going to use this one for sure.