Sunday, November 16, 2008

Teacher necklace

I wanted to give my kids' teachers something special for Christmas this year.
They will each be getting of of these "Teachers Rule" necklaces.

The disc is 3/4 inch, and it comes with these cute brass apple and ruler charms.

I will list this in my shop hopefully today, so stop on by!

*Make sure to get your holiday orders in soon, I won't be able to guarantee a Christmas delivery after December 7th. Orders right now are shipped within a week, but things are getting busier and that will soon have to increase.
Thanks so much!!


pinkpatrice said...

OH- that is so darling! I taught 3rd grade last year and I would have LOVED to get one of these necklaces from a student. :)

Malinovka said...

Those are SO cute! The kids teachers will be so happy to get those! What a great gift. I LOVE your new holiday/winter necklaces too! They are fabulous.

penguinsplunder said...

What a great gift! How could they not love it? ^_^ Your necklaces are amazing, and teachers DO NOT get enough love for the hard work they do.