Monday, November 10, 2008

Some Christmas necklaces

I just added some holiday necklaces to my shop.

There is so much craziness in the world today. Even so,
I hope we can all find joy this holiday season.

This Joy necklace is similar to the Tiny Tags necklace, but the tags are smaller (1/2 inch).
How very festive!

And while I'm not really looking forward to the snow, I know lots of you are!
So here is the Let it Snow necklace:

You can find both of them in my shop.

*Make sure you get those holiday orders in early! I won't be able to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas if you order after December 7th.


kristen said...

I quite agree with your opinion on it snowing. It's a way cute necklace, though!

Tamarynn said...

I was just wondering if there was any way you could do the family circle necklace with two rings and still have the pearl in the center. If so, I want to order one for my mom (she has 8 kids). Let me know how much more it would be as well. I know you have the tags and the necklace with the number, but I really love the family circle one. Let me know!

abi said...

I love the let it snow necklace! We don't get snow where I live, so I'm all about it!

Wendy said...

oh, man.. I'm loving them! I need to go shopping! And, Ineed to send your stuff to hubby, who can use a VERY BROAD HINT on what I wnat for Christmas! :)