Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Angel Ornament

Every year the women in my extended family
get together before Christmas.
We bring lots of yummy food
and ornaments to share.
We try to bring a handmade ornament
though I admit I've had to bring store-bought ornaments
in the past.

I'm always looking for new ideas
on an ornament that's easy to put together
because our group is getting pretty big.

So I absolutely loved these Angel Ornaments
that I found on Gracious Rain!

Want to see what they're made of?
Look at this:

Now that's a great way to use noodles!
You can find the tutorial right here.


Anonymous said...

Cute angel...these make great inexpensive ornaments...Thanks for sharing.

Launi said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing my sweet little noodle angels. So sweet of you.
Positively LOVE your beautiful jewelery--BTW.