Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday

This project is so simple that you don't really need a tutorial,
but I created a short one just in case you need a little help...

Several months ago my friend Char posted the cutest cake plate on her blog
that she had made from a plate and a bowl glued together.
I made one of my own that week and have used it as a fruit stand on my counter ever since.

But I decided that I needed matching stands on each end of the centerpiece on my table.
So I stopped by Dollar Tree and picked up two each of these plates and bowls.
The color isn't exactly the same, but it was close enough.

First turn the plate upside down:

Then place the bowl on top and figure out exactly where you want it to go.
Be sure to mark it lightly so you know where to attach it:

Then you add the glue. I used gorilla glue, so following the directions I dampened one surface and then applied the glue. E6000 would also work wonderfully for this project.

The gorilla glue doesn't dry immediately
so I used a phone book to apply a bit of pressure
while it finished setting up:

And here is the final result:
I made two, and I love them! And they were easy and cheap to put together too!!

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Stacey said...

I love this idea! I am catering a wedding this weekend and I wanted to give the food some heighth off of the table. I did the same thing only I used (upside down)clear glass sunday dishes, clear glass wine goblets in 2 different heights, and clear glass plates. I purchased enough to make 8 cake stands, and it only cost $26.00 from walmart. the glue I used was 5 minute epoxy available at your local craft or hobby shop. I love this project!!! remember you can always stack them as well for multiple tiers.

Vone said...

Great simple idea. Would be fun to make with great thirfted plates and bowls.

Valerie said...

Are you kidding me?? That is sooo amazing! I am definately going to file this baby away at the thecraftersfilebox.com. BRILLIANT!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Nicki said...

I borrowed this idea and adapted it for a felt cupcake gift. I linked back to you. Thank you for a great idea!