Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Shopping Cart cover

It's been a long winter, don't you think?
And every time my little guy gets sick it just makes it worse!
Every time I go to the store I wish I had a shopping cart cover,
to at least protect him from the germs on the icky shopping cart handle.

Now he doesn't usually last in the cart for long,
he usually tries to stand up in the cart after just a few minutes
and I usually end up holding him in my pouch sling for the rest of out shopping trip.

But a shopping cart cover really would come in handy once in a while,
so I loved seeing this tutorial over at the Bug Creator.

Perfect, if I could only find the time!


Jenni said...

I just made one that is a little easier to carry since it only covers the handle. It's really simple -- maybe you'd have time to make it. :) http://jennisrandomramblings.blogspot.com/2012/03/tutorial-taggy-shopping-cart-handle.html