Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday- Menu Board

Ever since my baby was born in April
I've had a hard time keeping up with my meal planning.

I used to go through my list of meals every month or so
and assign a different dinner for each night.

But now I have a better way to do it!

It all started when I saw
this cute menu board
from A Girl and a Glue Gun:
Brilliant! And SO super cute!
But I didn't know where to buy the blank calendar
that she used on the front of her menu board.

Then I saw these meal planning magnets
from the red chair blog:

I love the idea, but I really wanted something to put it on,
rather than my already cluttered fridge.

I saw this magnetic calendar from crafts keep me sane:
I loved the idea of using a cookie sheet!

And then I saw this cute menu board
from Heartland Paper:

So here is what I ended up doing...
I didn't want to spend a ton of money,
so I bought a cookie sheet from the dollar store.

I painted it with chalkboard paint.
I gave it 4 layers, letting it dry in between.
Then after 24 hours I followed the instructions
to cover it with chalk before writing on it.

I made my calendar with a ruler and a chalk marker.
(The chalk marker does leave faint lines even after wiping it off with a damp cloth,
a magic eraser helps take the rest off.)

Then I printed off a list of meals,
including some "eat out" options
as well as "try a new recipe".

I cut them out and mounted them on cute paper,
and attached a magnet to the back.
(I used a roll of self-adhesive magnets from the craft section at Walmart.)

The "What's For Dinner" sign I printed out from this pdf
from Heartland Paper.

So far I am loving it!