Saturday, May 30, 2009

Aaaaaah, vacation!

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As I type this I am out by the pool, enjoying the evening breeze. There's nothing quite like vacation, is there? This is one of the rare times when we can spend uninterrupted family time together. And yes, that is a good thing.

I'm loving the outlet stores here too. Today I got this cute dress for a steal!

Hope you're all having a good week!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Flickr Friday

A couple of years ago my husband and I were able to travel to Costa Rica.
It is such a beautiful country and there is so much to see!
One of our favorite stops was Playa Samara.
The atmosphere there is so laid back-- it was the perfect place for relaxing!

On Flickr this week I've had lots of fun perusing all of the wonderful photos of Samara!
Here is one of my favorites:

Found here

Do you have a favorite Flickr photo this week? Leave a comment!

PS My shop is technically closed right now. I will switch it to vacation mode as soon as the giveaway on Thrifty & Chic Mom is over. You will be able to place orders until the 31st, but those items will not ship before June 10th.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Price of Children

Have you all heart this already? I loved it!
Yes, kids are expensive, but it's totally worth it!

The Price of Children

The government recently calculated the cost of raising a child from birth to 18 and came up with $160,140.00 for a middle income family. Talk about price shock! That doesn't even touch college tuition.

But $160,140.00 isn't so bad if you break it down. It translates into:
• $8,896.66 a year,
• $741.38 a month, or
• $171.08 a week.
• That's a mere $24.24 a day!
• Just over a dollar an hour.

Still, you might think the best financial advice is don't have children if you want to be 'rich.' Actually, it is just the opposite.

What do you get for your $160,140.00?
• Naming rights. First, middle, and last!
• Glimpses of God every day.
• Giggles under the covers every night.
• More love than your heart can hold.
• Butterfly kisses and Velcro hugs.
• Endless wonder over rocks, ants, clouds, and warm cookies.
• A hand to hold, usually covered with jelly or chocolate.
• A partner for blowing bubbles and flying kites.
• Someone to laugh yourself silly with, no matter what the boss said or how your stocks performed that day.

For $160,140.00, you never have to grow up. You get to:
• finger-paint,
• carve pumpkins,
• play hide-and-seek,
• catch lightning bugs, and
• never stop believing in Santa Claus.

You have an excuse to:
• keep reading the Adventures of Piglet and Pooh,
• watch Saturday morning cartoons,
• go to Disney movies, and
• wish on stars.
• You get to frame rainbows, hearts, and flowers under refrigerator magnets and collect spray painted noodle wreaths for Christmas, hand prints set in clay for Mother's Day, and cards with backward letters for Father's Day.

For a mere $24.24 a day, there is no greater bang for your buck. You get to be a hero=2 0just for:
• retrieving a Frisbee off the garage roof,
• taking the training wheels off a bike,
• removing a splinter,
• filling a wading pool,
• coaxing a wad of gum out of bangs, and coaching a baseball team that never wins but always gets treated to ice cream regardless.

You get a front row seat in history to witness the:
• first step,
• first word,
• first bra,
• first date, and
• first time behind the wheel.

You get to be immortal. You get another branch added to your family tree, and if you're lucky, a long list of limbs in your obituary called grandchildren and great grandchildren. You get an education in psychology, nursing, criminal justice, communications, and human sexuality that no college can match.
In the eyes of a child, you rank right up there under God. You have all the power to heal a boo-boo, scare away the monsters under the bed, patch a broken heart, police a slumber party, ground them forever, and love them without limits, so one day they will, like you, love without counting the cost. That is quite a deal for the price!!!!!!!

It's the best investment you'll make!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Giveaway on Thrifty & Chic Mom

I'm doing a bracelet giveaway over at Thrifty & Chic Mom today.
Stop by if you get a chance, just click here.

Happy Memorial Day!

I found some information about Memorial Day
that I wanted to share. I didn't know most of these.
How about you?

Memorial Day Trivia

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance of those who have died serving our country.
Memorial Day began as a commemoration for those soldiers who died during the Civil War.
The south refused to honor the dead on Memorial Day until after World War I when the meaning of Memorial Day changed from honoring civil war dead to honoring Americans who died fighting in any war.
General John Alexander Logan ordered the Memorial Day holiday to be observed by decorating the war dead.
On Memorial Day, the flag should be at half-staff until noon only, then raised to the top of the staff.
Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day.
1st state to officially recognize Memorial Day was New York.
Red Poppies are recognized as the Memorial Day flower.

Memorial Day History

1st Memorial Day was May 30, 1968; celebrated by placing flowers on the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers.
1915 Moina Michael began the custom of wearing red poppies on Memorial Day in honor of those who died serving the nation during war.
1950’s – the tradition of placing American flags on each of the 260,000+ gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery on the Thursday before Memorial Day by the 1200 soldiers of the 3rd US Infantry began.
May 1966 President Lyndon Johnson declared Waterloo New York as the birthplace of Memorial Day.
1971 – The National Holiday Act of 1971 changed Memorial Day from May 30th to the last Monday in May.
2000 – National Moment of Remembrance Resolution passed. At 3pm on Memorial Day all American are asked to “voluntarily and informally observe in their own way a moment of remembrance & respect pausing from whatever they are doing for a moment of silence or listening to taps.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Front Page!

I just found out that my "Teachers Rule" necklace
was on the front page of etsy today!
I didn't get a chance to see it,
but I was able to pull up the archived page here.

Here's what it looked like:


Saturday, May 23, 2009

SITS Giveaway

A big welcome to everyone visiting from SITS!!

Want to win this necklace? I'm giving one away today over at
The Secret is in the Sauce, aka SITS!
To enter first pick out your favorite item from my shop,
and then leave a comment over here.

PS Just a reminder that my shop will be CLOSED from May 26-June 5. If you will need something during that time please order prior to May 26th. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Flickr Friday

I'd like to try something new-- Flickr Friday.

Are you all familiar with Flickr?
I love their tagline, "Share your photos, watch the world."
People from all over the world upload photos on flickr, for everyone to see.
And there are some amazing photos!

In jr high and high school I took French classes.
As a senior I even passed the French AP test. But I've forgotten so much!

I am enamoured with Paris, even though I've never been there. But it sure is fun to look!

Found here

Someday I'll go! Until then I'll have to just settle for all of the wonderful photos on Flickr!

Do you have an amazing photo from Flickr to share? Leave a comment!

Just added

8 Tag Charm Style Bracelet. You can find it right now in the shop.

PS Just a reminder that my shop will be CLOSED from May 26-June 5. If you will need something during that time please order prior to May 26th. Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Flower pot gumball machine

I saw these gumball machines on Good Things Utah the other day and thought they were so darn cute! They look fairly simple to make and I know my kids would love one of these in their room! Want to make your own? Instructions can be found here.

PS Just a reminder that my shop will be CLOSED from May 26-June 5. If you will need something during that time please order prior to May 26th. Thanks for stopping by!

Blog redesign

What do you all think of my new look?
I love it!

Thanks to Erin from Designer Blogs for being wonderful to work with,
and thanks to my cousin-in-law Christa who made it all happen!


PS Just a reminder that my shop will be CLOSED from May 26-June 5, if you will need something during that time please order prior to May 26th. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Giveaway TODAY!

Today is my giveaway over at Giveaway Today! I'd love to have some comments over there from any of you who have seen my jewelry in person!! (Pretty please with sugar on top!) And if you haven't, then be sure to stop by and enter so you can win some! To see the giveaway post just click here.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Little Change

I've had lots of requests for personalization on some necklaces that didn't have that option, so I've added a new section to the shop called "customization optional". This section will include necklaces with text that can be customized, or can be ordered as is. Here are just a few necklaces from that category:

It's a Boy/Girl Necklace

Sisters are Forever Friends Necklace

Je T'aime Necklace

Hope Springs Eternal Necklace

You can find them all in my shop, right here.

**Tomorrow we will be featured on Giveaway Today and we will be giving away 2 $25 gift certificates! Be sure to stop by and enter!**

***My shop will be CLOSED from May 26-June 5, if you will need something during that time please order prior to May 26th. Thanks so much! ***

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Do you like Coldplay?

Did you know that you can download
this amazing Live Coldplay cd right here?

It's true!
I love Coldplay...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New in the shop

The Mother's Eternity Necklace.

Available in my shop right now!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all of you wonderful Mothers out there...

I hope you all have a great Mother's Day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pencil urchin

What do you all think of these pencil urchins?

They are crazy, yet very cool!

(Found at

Monday, May 4, 2009

Incentive chart

I wanted to share this sweet little chart with you.
I am loving this adorable incentive chart from Second Story window,
they are offering a free download. Stop by and see!

Thanks so much for all of your Mother's Day orders, we have been busy around here!