Friday, May 22, 2009

Flickr Friday

I'd like to try something new-- Flickr Friday.

Are you all familiar with Flickr?
I love their tagline, "Share your photos, watch the world."
People from all over the world upload photos on flickr, for everyone to see.
And there are some amazing photos!

In jr high and high school I took French classes.
As a senior I even passed the French AP test. But I've forgotten so much!

I am enamoured with Paris, even though I've never been there. But it sure is fun to look!

Found here

Someday I'll go! Until then I'll have to just settle for all of the wonderful photos on Flickr!

Do you have an amazing photo from Flickr to share? Leave a comment!


Christa said...

I don't have a photo to share. I'm sorry. What I can say is that I adore Paris too. When we were there, I told Ryan we were going to do whatever it took to move there. I was totally serious about it and still am. I would move there tomorrrow if I could. said...

Hi R.congratulations on the post at Sits, I now follow you and wow loving your jewelry!!!
cheers to a lovely weekend!!

Jen said...

Over from SITS. I love your stuff!!! I will be ordering some necklaces. Just need to figure out exactly what I want.

Maggi said...

What a beautiful picture! Visting from SITS and now I want to visit France! lol

Anonymous said...

Happy SIST's day. I love Paris. I have been there 6 times...but the most amazing moment there was when my husband saw the Eiffel Tower for the first time: priceless!

Modest Gal said...

Just dropping by from SITS. I love your stuff and I love the picture of the Eiffel Tower. Like you, I want to visit Paris one day...maybe next April!

Reluctant Housewife said...

That picture is cooltastic.

Paris - mmmm... they have the best pastries.

Amy and her little family said...

Congratulations on being the saturday spotlight from Sits! Have a great Saturday!!

Karen said...

I LOVED Paris. Everyone should go there at least once in their lives.

Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

Kris said...

This is an awesome photo and I LOVE your jewelry...I'm sure I will be buying some in the future!!

DiPaola Momma said...

I'm having photo funk today! SORRY! I've stopped by from SITS to check out your super COOL creations.. gosh I wish I could do these things!! I've been to Paris.. when I lived in Spain I had a 3 hour lay over on a flight back to NYC.. it wasn't as beautiful as I'd hoped.. BUT I plan to go back one day and explore. Have a great weekend!!