Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer boredom busters for kids

Summer for us is 2/3 over.
I've had fun having my kids at home with me all day,
but I have to admit I'm running out of creative and fun things for them to do.
And there are times when I really do need to get things done.

So I loved finding this great list of easy ways to entertain the kids:

1. Give the kids flashlights. There are lots of things you can do with flashlights. Play tag in a dark room, shine it on the wall and make finger shapes/animals, shine it on the floor while moving it and the other person has to try to stomp on it before it gets away. They could also draw letters or shapes on the wall and the other person has to guess what it is.

2. Give the kids a sleeping bag. Let them slide down the stairs in the sleeping bag! It's so hilarious to watch and they have a blast. (Note from Or So She Says: I did it plenty when I was young and I'm still alive...but, I take no responsibility if they get hurt.)

3. Let them make a house out of a cardboard box. I have great memories of this when I was little. I would draw pictures (in frames) on the wall, a vase of flowers, cut out some windows, etc. I even slept in my boxes.

4. Give them some blankets and chairs/stools and let them make a huge tent/fort.
Not my house, random internet picture...

5. Pour some Fruit Loops (oh, I mean Cheerios) in a bowl and let them string a necklace with them.

6. Set them up a wishlist on Amazon. Let them scroll through the toy and game section and create a wish list. My kids love to print off theirs and stare at it while in bed. Hey, they can dream!

7. Give them some old magazines and a huge piece of paper and have them make a collage by cutting out pictures and gluing them down. It could be a theme of things they like or items that describe them. Frame it.

8. Give them free reign of the fridge and pantry. Let them blindfold each other (siblings) and give tastes of things or smells to each other. See if they can guess what the food is.

9. Have the kids go outside and collect leaves. When they bring them in give them crayons and paper and do a crayon rub to see all the veins and shape of the leaves. It's really cool. Just lay the leaf flat, put the blank paper on top, then turn a crayon sideways and gently rub the paper over the leaf.

10. Fill up the sink with water and let them play "Will It Sink Or Float?". Let them drop random objects in the water but beforehand they have to guess whether or not it will sink or float.

All tips found via Or So She Says