Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mindy Gledhill concert

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Did you all hear the news at CJane's blog about the Mindy Gledhill concert?
Anyone want to come?

***Just a reminder, my shop will be closed January 9-23. Thanks!


Mindy Gledhill said...

Thanks for helping us to promote this fundraiser Rosalynn! I love your jewelry--at least what I've seen from your headers. I'm sad the shop is closed! But I'll have to check it out when it reopens. Would you be interested in donating anything to the silent auction the evening of the concert?

Peace and Love,

Mindy Gledhill

Rosalynn said...

I'd love to donate some necklaces to the silent auction, I'll check the Nie Recovery website for details...

Rosalynn said...

OK, I'll definitely be donating some necklaces to the silent auction. :)